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Phillip and Jaclyn Jackson are musicians in West Palm Beach. They are Christian artists with a passion for music, life and the rhythms that interconnect both.

Dave Matthews Band returns to form after what I consider 2 lackluster studio releases; their best in 8 years easily....

Dave Matthews Band returns to form after what I consider 2 lackluster studio releases; their best in 8 years easily....

I’m just now listening to the new Dave Matthews Band release, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King … wow it’s really quite a return to form even after the passing of LeRoi Moore (saxophonist)… Track 1 opens with a kind of an ‘homage’ to him … feels like it should actually have closed the album instead of opening it. That said, that’s not to say that there’s any lack of horn work on this project – there’s quite a substantial amount… some performed before Moore’s passing and some by Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck’s Flecktone band.

The guitar work on Big Whiskey is fantastic. Lots of electric guitar – played mostly by Tim Reynolds… it’s incrediblely expressive and more than makes up for the missing dynamic of LeRoi’s dulcet sax tones… in a way it’s like they decided not to try to replace him with someone – but to let the music dictate what needed to fill that hole.

My only criticism so far is that, at times, Carter Beauford (drummer) shows himself to be a one-trick pony. Albeit, those tricks are INCREDIBLE, but he seems to be completely incapable of playing a straight-8 on the hi-hat. Now, I know that’s his shtick, and I’m in awe of his phenomenal ability: but, at times, he just doesn’t come across with diversity.

As someone who LOVED Before These Crowded Streets, I grew very fond of Everyday mostly because of Glen Ballard’s amazing production of this album. Admittedly, I only listened to Busted Stuff vicariously through the radio play and JR’s incessant love of it, and completely skipped Stand Up… But let me just proclaim right now that I AM IN LOVE AT FIRST LISTEN.

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  1. I too am a fan of the album. The only complaints I have are a few misplaced and “off” sax parts, such as with the start of “Lying in the hands of God”. Also, a few of the songs seemed to be lyrically composed in a rush. Which is not what I am used to with DMB at all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think that it is an awesome album. The song “Time Bomb” has a real chance in becoming a DMB classic. “Funny the way it is” has that classic Dave feel to it as well. It is also interesting that Dave’s struggle with God is very present again in this album.

    Just my two lincoln heads.

    Wesley Kennedy

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