Phillip and Jaci

The life and times of Phillip and Jaclyn Jackson


Phillip and Jaclyn Jackson are musicians in West Palm Beach. They are Christian artists with a passion for music, life and the rhythms that interconnect both.

My favorite piece of gear right now would have to be the Rupert Neve Portico 517 that I got for my birthday in August. What an amazing piece of gear this microphone preamp is. It has two sonic characteristics - on one hand an ultra clean pre and on the other a silky 1073-ish mic preamp. To [...]

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We are very very excited to announce that presales begin today for our new Christmas album – “Lord at Thy Birth”… it has been such a labor of love for us over the last 6 weeks to record this album and we’re so excited that it is finally becoming a reality! Presales are on a [...]

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Update: Christmas Album

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Ahhhh – where to begin? We have quite the ostentatious deadline set for November 7th handoff to Discmakers and we have very little accomplished at the moment. We’ve spent the last 3 weeks choosing songs, arrangements, gathering ideas and information … but it just feels like we have so much more to do! We did, [...]

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You heard it right here, folks! We are in the process of recording a Christmas CD. I can hear the questions forming in your heads already: Will it feature both Jaci and Phillip? Will ‘My Everything, My All‘ be on the album? And, for those of you wondering, the answer to both questions is, in [...]

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